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I’ve been writing in diaries, trying to form poetry and stories since I was a child.  I was ten years old when I made my first attempt at writing fiction.  The story involved unicorns, a magic ring, and two families that were great friends and trying to escape some sort of evil.  No doubt, an escape of my own at an age when we start knowing that things in life (an not always our own, but throughout the world) can get bad.  As I moved into adolescence, writing was therapeutic as I tried forming poetry, kept an account about life in general, vented, and wrote down song lyrics that spoke to me. I kept these notebooks beside, and under my bed.  They were filled with musings, poems, and stories I had been working on since 5th grade. When I graduated high school and moved off to an unsuccessful first year at the University of Southern Maine (success as a college student and several degrees followed later–much later), I had my notebooks burned in my great grandfather’s teeny wood stove in Millinocket, Maine.


I wish I still had those. I do, however, have many  handwritten notes from that time to present day, along with my present writing. I look back into it and learn a lot about everything.

I’m a writer of a novel, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, some non-fiction, freelance articles, and I am also co-editor/publisher at Macabre Maine.


I have a couple blogs that I made a few years back before discovering Wix: 


My blog,  Ghost of the Woods  is dedicated to my late Uncle George, a Vietnam Veteran, poet, writer, amazing human being and soul.  You can read more about him here and discover his poetry and more.


My other blog, Shawna Galvin includes photos of other artistic creative outlets of mine on occasion, such as making altered books.  It also includes some of my poetry and writing.  


 Some of my Publications



The Ghost In You, 2013



Mimi’s Alchemy:  A Grandmother’s Magic; a collection of poems and essays, 2014.

Away to War, 1969, Published in Words and Images Literary Journal, 1999.

Spinning Gold, Voice of the Bards Anthology, Local Gems, 2011

An Ode to Hannaford, Retail Woes Anthology, 2013.

Dorothy’s Bedroom Window, Opiate BreezeA Dream of John Keats, and The Magic Wings; Static Poetry V, 2012.

Ashfield Thunder, Poems from the Wellspring, 2019, Poetic License Inc., 2019.

The Quiet Smell of Rain, Poets to Come, Walt Whitman 200th Bicentennial, Local Gems Publication.


Short Stories:

The Ocean’s Ragdoll, Beneath the Waves Anthology


The Celtic Island, Portals Anthology

Fixing Leaks, Dark Secrets Anthology


Letter to Cinderella, Retellings Anthology


Fixing Leaks, Dark Secrets Anthology

Synthetic Love Triangle, SHARE YOUR SCARE VOLUME 2: A LULU ANTHOLOGY , 2018

See the Clown Mommy, Haunted ME, Macabre Maine


The Lure of the White Dress, Bite ME, Macabre Maine


Carriage by the Sea, ME Haunted Love, Macabre Maine


Lovecraft ME, Macabre Maine


Christmas Eve Car, Spirits of Yuletide, Macabre Maine


Short Non-Fiction:

Tadpole, Virtual Writer IE, 2002



Flash Fiction:

Tucker and Orlo, Daily Frights 2012

A Requited and Forbidden Love; Daily Flashes Quarterly


Sea Tulips, Daily Flash 2012

Sea Monstah, Daily Frights, 2011


Alyda Black, Daily Frights


Family Business, Shattered Dreams Anthology, 2012




The Use of Sympathetic Magic in Shirley Jackson’s, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Magical Almanac 2015


Forward to year 2001 Words & Images Literary Journal, University of Southern Maine.



21st Century Dead, A Zombie Anthology edited by Christopher Golden, for Brutal As Hell

Age of the Dead, by Gareth Wood, for Brutal as Hell



Poetry Editor, Words and Images Literary Journal, University of Southern Maine, 2000-2001

Short story editor for Brutal as Hell on the following short stories:  The Protector and A Doll That I Can Call My Own


Graduate school theses: How Authors Accomplish Character Creation & Lillith, graduate theses in USM Library, 2004