SomeTravel Items for Europe, June 2016

September 9, 2016

There are a lot of ideas about what to take, what products to use, and how to pack when going to Europe.  I began looking into many of these via Pinterest, or just through simple Google Searches.  I've tried packing cubes before for travels around the USA, but never on to Europe.  I decided that the three of us (husband, son, and me) would go packing cubes all the way.  I also decided to reach out to a few companies to see if I could review some of their products on our trip in exchange for an honest and fair review.  I am not receiving money for this blog, or these reviews, it's just something I wanted to do.  No marketing.  You can do your own research and look for things that might help you on your own adventures.


For me and my family, we loved the IT Luggage, set that was sent to us directly from the IT Luggage company.  We didn't use the giant one on our trip to Europe, but my son did use the very large one on a sleepover across town, as a joke kind of.  It was great fun for him and worked well as he brought a bunch of blankets to his friend's house as they made forts, or whatever!  The other two pieces were perfect for checked-on luggage.  We didn't attempt to take them on the plane, but the airline we traveled on didn't charge for our pieces, and we brought a lot back and forth!  The handle pull on the smaller piece became stuck in the middle of our trip, but we managed to get it to work.  It was a bit tricky though.  




We used several types of packing cubes.  The first ones were sent to us by eBags for an honest and fair review.  This set of three offers great sizes and organization.  For us, packing cubes are a must from now on.  These made the trip so much more relaxing, as we knew where to find certain items that we packed, and they made packing easier overall.



I went ahead and ordered more sets to try out from various companies, which I will get to soon.  


Lewis N. Clark was very good to us, as we were sent quite a few products to try from this travel accessories and outdoor gear company.  This is a review of quite a few Lewis N. Clark travel accessories in exchange for a fair and honest review. We received three different colored/shaped luggage tags. Our luggage was black, and we had no problem pinpointing our luggage at any airport, train, or bus terminal. They are awesome! The mesh luggage packing cube is a must. We ended up using many packing cubes on our journey overall. They made packing and organizing so much easier for us. The TSA locks are fantastic, however, we learned before even going abroad, that no matter what, if TSA wants to examine the contents of your luggage, they will do so no matter what, even if it means cutting through the luggage, so we opted not to use them for the flight to London, and bring the locks along to see if we’d use them on other parts of our trip. We received two cable locks and one piston lock. When staying in the hotels, we did use the locks when we left our hotel room, and also when we stayed at a B&B, we’d use the locks then. The piston lock with the key was our favorite.We received two RFID passport holders, and one regular one, and ended up just using the RFID holders, and put our son’s Passport in one of our passport holders. The third passport holder was used for holding other travel items here and there, we kept that in our luggage.











Another company, but the name of TARISS sent us a couple of TSA approved locks to try.  

We brought these locks with us, like the ones above, but didn't actually bother using them during the flight.  Getting in and out of customs, the TSA searches, and everything was a whirlwind everywhere we went, and if they wanted to search our luggage after putting our luggage in cargo, then they'd find a way to get in.  Other than that, the locks were great for hotels and B&B's when going out for the day.  




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