Musings On Our Summer Trip to Europe and A Far Away Long-Time Friendship

September 2, 2016

It’s September 2, 2016.  As I look back now on our incredible trip to Europe at the beginning of this summer, I was so sad when I had to say good-bye to my close friend of thirty years, that I just wasn’t ready to write about the trip.  Letter writing and technology have helped us keep in touch to this day, but not being able to see such a great friend like her all the time is hard.  


This is my friend and I in 1987 below at the original Three Dollar Dewey's in Portland, Maine, and then in June 2016 below that at a pub (I forget the name, but the night was wild and so fun in Sheringham)




Below are photos of our first day in England, June 2016.  Sheringham, Norfolk magic.  







Photos above are of our week in Sheringham, Norfolk with our friends.  Lots of amazing times here.  We fell in love with this charming seaside town.  How a British comedy or other sort of show hasn't been made in this setting is beyond me.  Perhaps it remains a hidden treasure.  We were off to Paris for a few days and then to London for about a week, where we met up with our friends for a day whilst there.  More later. 



Before we left for Europe, I had planned on writing about our trip and posting photos right after we returned. We were gone for over two weeks, which was quite a long time.  We did so many things, and yet when we came back to the States, I felt as thought we never even went, as if it were all a dream somehow.  That might seem so strange considering I have thousands (yes thousands) of photos from our trip, memorabilia, and stories to tell.  When we traveled to England and France, we barely stopped. It was wonderful. Our second day in England, we walked nine miles around Norwich.  I know this because our friends had an app which calculated our steps that day.  Also, I know this because of the exhaustion my husband, son, and I felt.  But at the same time, this non-stop travel was exhilarating.


In mid-July, after our trip to England and France, I had all so many things swirling around in my mind that I wanted to write about such as how I met my close friend in 1987, and how we’ve managed to say so close over the years with all the miles between us.


My friend and her family have been to the States to see us over the past decade or two a few times, but we hadn’t been over there since 2001, before our son was born.  And after a long time of saving up, we were able to go over to see them with our son this time.


As I reflect on things I started and intended to write about after we returned from our trip, even back in mid-July, I just wasn’t ready.  Our trip to Europe was incredible.  And after, we had the entire months of July and August left, and they were filled with: trips to the beach, other day trips, friends, family, music, movies, BBQs, swimming, and so much more.  I had a chance to edit two books, Hang the DJ by Duane Bruce, (which if you like music by the way, you need to read), and the upcoming re-release of The Neuropathology of Zombies by Peter Cummings, MD.  I had a chance to create my own writing, and get my ready to teach for the Fall semester.  I’ve had time with my son and enjoy the warmest Maine summer in a long time.  We’ve done all our Maine-type summer things and then some more, we’re ready for September. 


I love looking back on the photos as I process all the experiences we had in Europe. It’s not the immediacy of photos that I love, but the nostalgia of them. I enjoy looking back and going through photos, keepsakes, and memories.


I can't wait to visit with our friends again, hopefully sooner than later.



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